Olympus Burner Gift Pack

Olympus Burner Gift Pack


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Olympus Burner Gift Pack

1 x Olympus Burner

1 x 6pk unscented tealight candles

1 x Wax melt

Suitable for wax melts or fragrance / essential oils.

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Liquid Quantity: 120mls (Note: This is the max quantity to fill the bowl to the brim. However, we do recommend allowing some room for expansion and to prevent spillage.)

Description: The Olympus burner is an exciting addition. Due to the hand crafting of this exquisite product, there are minor variations between burners. The bowl and tealight holder are both removable, meaning cleaning to reduce cross-contamination is effortless and any risk of the wood warping because of water exposure is eliminated. It is elegant in design and feel, creating a relaxing undertone for any room. A quality finish provides the burner with protection from residue of essential oils or wax melts. A quick rinse of the bowl under hot water will eliminate any traces that can cause cross-contamination.

– This handmade fragrant melt block is a must-have aromatic air freshener to keep home and work environments smelling great. All candle melts are individually handcrafted, packaged and come in a handy air tight container to retain the scent and for easy handling and storage.

– For our melts we use high quality natural 100% soy wax which provides a superior scent throw with maximum scent dispersion. Soy wax is simply the best on the market. It burns cleaner and slower, therefore it will last longer. It is a natural product derived from soy beans, non-toxic and contains no paraffin or petroleum. It is biodegradable (cleans up with soap and water) and a renewable resource.

– We use the highest quality fragrance oils that are a complex mixture of fragrance materials. Some fragrance oils due to the nature of their raw materials may discolour the wax, which is normal.

Additional Information

– The product photos are for illustration only. The actual colour of the wax depends on the chosen scent and varies from pour to pour and batch to batch to ensure individuality. In the ‘Colour’ option/variation you are able to select the colour of your melt, either Natural (Cream White) or Coloured. Natural melts are free of colouring, but some fragrance oils may discolour the wax anyway. For a coloured melt, the wax is dyed to resemble the character of the fragrance.
– The burn/release time depends on usage. The stated time is an approximate estimate.
– The fragrance oils are formulations of our Australian fragrance oil manufacturer and are not part of and have no association with any other product of the same or similar name. The designer ‘Type’ fragrance oils are only interpretations of the original genuine designer fragrances. Our advertised fragrances are NOT designer perfumes. They are fragrance oils used in our products and intended for making candles, soaps, diffuser oils and other products. Please do not confuse these versions with the originals. We have no affiliation with the designers nor the manufacturers of the originals, who own the name trademarks and copyrights. The designer ‘Type’ name is to describe the character of the particular scent, not to confuse or mislead the customer or infringe on the manufacturer/designer’s name and trademark.
– To provide the lowest prices for our products, we post the melt(s) by economy post (except for multiple or bulk orders). We do our best to package your order well. The item is handled by Australia post and sometimes the packages sent by economy service can get slightly damaged in the delivery process. If your melt block arrives slightly chipped, cracked or broken, please do not worry! This does not influence the effectiveness of your item. You will need to break your melt block into pieces anyway. For peace of mind, to avoid melt breakage, we recommend choosing express post so that we can send your product in a more protected way. Please consider this when purchasing. Thank you for understanding.

Directions on how to use wax melts with an oil burrner or electric burner

– Break the melt off as required.
– Place the piece of melt into the top of the tart warmer/burner and heat the wax with an unscented tealight candle that is placed underneath the bowl/dish. Alternatively you can use an electric heat source (electric burner). The wax will gently melt and the scent will diffuse through the environment.
– Do not add water and use caution when moving the burner, to avoid injuries and damage to the surface.
– To prevent accidental unwanted marks on your surfaces and tables, we recommend placing your burner on a glass/ceramic tray, plate or coaster.
– Place your burner in a high traffic area with good air circulation or near the door. The fragrance will evaporate into the air.
– The wax does not evaporate, so you will need to discard it once the scent has gone. You can either pour it out while still melted or you can let it set and slide it out from the burner later. If you find it difficult to remove the set wax, place it in your fridge for few hours. The wax will shrink and slide out easily.
– A new chunk of wax can be added to your burner as desired. Feel free to experiment and mix & match different scents for a better experience!
– Enjoy!

Handling and Safety Information of melts

– Do not swallow/ingest.-

-Keep out of reach of children and pets.
– Do not use on skin – irritation may occur.
– Avoid contact with eyes.
– Care should be taken not to spill the melted wax on any surface. Do not allow melted wax to come into contact with textiles or finished surfaces. It may damage some surfaces if it comes into prolonged contact. If spillage occurs, wipe away residues and spills immediately with a damp cloth.
– Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces. Do not spill on painted or porous surfaces.
– Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat and open flame. Store in a cool, dark place.



Weight .7 kg

Australian Sandalwood, Black Raspberry, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Butt Naked, Champagne & Strawberries, Cinnamon Buns, Coconut Lime Punch, Lavender, Lemongrass & Persian Lime, Lychee & Guava Sorbet, Marshmallow, Mint Mojito, One Million*, Rose, Tiramisu, Uplifting Essential Oil, Very Vanilla

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